The Butcher & The Baker

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Coffee brings me to my happy place through it's smell and taste.  
My happy place where my mind is flooded with memories of my grandparents and their love for 
coffee & hospitality.  My grandparents had many nicknames. One set they lovingly called each other 
were "Muzz" (my grandmother) and "Dot" (my grandfather).  They would have their cup, or "half a cup" 
of coffee in the morning with their toast or in the evening among company.

I distinctly hear their laughter when I smell a good cup of coffee.

They loved to have friends & family over to visit, chit-chat, and laugh.  

Enjoy our specialty Brazilian Bean Coffee.
Chosen for its smooth and creamy taste. Come into the store for a fresh brewed 
cup of "Muzz's Buzz" or "Dot's Decaf"!  You can also take home a bag of these 
wonderful coffee beans to share with family & friends.